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About The Kentucky Society of Medical Assistants

The Kentucky Society of Medical Assistants (KSMA) is a professional organization that supports medical assistants through education, mentorship and professional networking throughout the State of Kentucky.


Membership is open to all professional medical assistants, managers and other medical professionals; however, most of our members are Certified Medical Assistants, holding the CMA (AAMA) credential.  


-I believe in the principles and purposes of the profession of medical assisting.

-I endeavor to be more effective.

-I aspire to render greater service.

-I protect the confidence entrusted to me.

-I am dedicated to the care and well-being of all people.

-I am loyal to my employer.

-I am true to the ethics of my profession.

-I am strengthened by compassion, courage and faith.



-Actively participate in the delivery of quality health care.

-Promote patient safety and well-being.

-Contribute to a positive health care experience for patients.

-Demonstrate integrity and respect, and protect patient confidentiality.

-Advocate the essential value of certification and continuing education.

-Embrace change, growth, and learning.

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